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‘Gilmore Girls’ Setting, Stars Hollow, Comes To Life In These Connecticut Towns For seven seasons “Gilmore Girls” enchanted us with witty repartee, quirky characters and the allure of small-town life. But the trials and tribulations of said small-town life wouldn’t be the same without such an enchanting setting…
Visit the real-life places that inspired Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls There’s nothing quite like New England in autumn. Falling leaves, hot coffee with a pumpkin spice bouquet, hayrides, scarves, peacoats, and long, meandering conversations about Paul Anka, Doris Day, and Christiane Amanpour. ’Tis the season for Gilmore Girls!
Search for “Stars Hollow” on Conduct a word search for “Stars Hollow” on this forum and you will find many Gilmore Girls fans inquiring about similar towns in Connecticut and other parts of the United States. Very good advice from real CT residents!
Towns Like Stars Hollow : GilmoreGirls Suggestions from Reddit! Most notably, I was most impressed with the Ligonier, Pennsylvania suggestion. After Googling images of the town gazebo, it’s now on my must-visit list! Check it out!

Small Town Ontario: Unionville – Small Home Big Start
That’s right, for part of the first season of Gilmore Girls they used Unionville, before they moved to a larger set in LA. For years I’ve always been a big fan of both the fictional town and the real life one and I had no idea that they were in fact one and the same.
“Gilmore Girls:” Dragonfly Inn and Scenes from Stars Hollow It would probably be an understatement to say that I’m a fan of the “Gilmore Girls.” I became obsessed with the show after I rented Season One last year (that’s right, last year–I was really late to this party!).
Great Places to Live: Dream Towns and Movie Locations Visit these lovely dream towns, some are fantasy and some are real.
Will the Real Stars Hollow Please Stand Up…
Being the GG nerds that we are, Andrea and I decided to take a day trip to the real town that the fictional Stars Hollow is supposedly based on. The real town is called Washington Depot.
If “Gilmore Girls” Actually Happened In Real Life Stars Hollow, everyone’s favorite fictional town, is actually based on a real small town in Connecticut. And it’s just as charming…
The Magical Town of Stars Hollow | The City Space “Grandma, you will be missing the true Stars Hollow experience if you don’t walk.” –Rory Gilmore (Season 1, Episode 19). I have a confession to make: I never watched Gilmore Girls in my childhood, so I have been making up for lost time over the last month thanks to Netflix (and I still have many…
Visiting the Real Stars Hollow: Washington Depot, CT | Steve Clancy
Feeling bored in my apartment this weekend, I decided I needed to take a trip and find someplace new to spend a day. In trying to think of where to go, I came up with the idea of searching for the real Stars Hollow, CT. Stars Hollow is the fictional town that played host to the Gilmore Girls, a television show which I embarrassingly admit I used to watch.
Chasing After Stars Hollow – Jacqueline Wolven My daughter and I started watching Gilmore Girls in 2000, along with every other preteen girl in America. What was different is that we not only fell in love with Lorelei and Rory, but we searched out the US for our own Stars Hollow. You know, the cute little town…
New England’s small-town girls | Travel | The Guardian Duck races, 24-hour knitathons and clapboard churches … Emma John and her sister go in search of the Connecticut villages that inspired their favourite TV series, Gilmore Girls
A Weekend in Stars Hollow – Fresh The Blog So this weekend, while visiting a friend in Connecticut, I decided to tack on a self-tour of the real Stars Hollow. The first town we arrived in was Wallingford, CT, which shares only one characteristic with the adorable, perfect fictional town of Stars Hollow: the zip code 06492.
5 Reasons to Make the Trip to Main Street Unionville A visit to Main Street Unionville is like a stepping back in time and for some it’s like walking onto a movie set. Here’s 5 reasons you should visit soon.

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