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Me, dressed as Bjork in her infamous swan outfit on Halloween.

Me, dressed as Bjork (Swan Dress) on Halloween.

My name is Amy and I work in the media industry producing & editing video/film, designing graphics and developing websites. Because of the variety of my interests/skills, I would call myself a “Jill” of all trades and master of none, but I prefer Swiss “Amy” Knife. Aside from being a Gilmore Girls fan, I also love these guilty pleasures: Orange is the New Black, The Affair, Girls, Being Erica, The Mindy Project, Broad City, Once Upon a Time, The Wonder Years (I dare you not to cry during Season 3), King of the Hill, Downton Abbey, The Bachelor/ette, The Brady Bunch, Leave it to Beaver, Felicity, Sex and the City, That 70s Show, Full House, Switched at Birth, Grey’s Anatomy, Dead Like Me…just to name a few. I enjoy reading mystery/crime novels, YA lit (such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games and the like – remember The Babysitter’s Club?) and graphic novels (just a fancy term for non-super hero comic books) and playing immersive adventure games on my iPhone/iPad (such as all the titles by Telltale and Wadjet Games). I’m basically a 15-year-old girl trapped in the body of an adult that pays the bills. My most favorite way to spend a weekend is exploring a new town and relaxing at a bed and breakfast. When I’m feeling bored, I enjoy diving into new, random projects (like this blog, for instance). I get such a high off of creating things!

Would you like to suggest a town for me to visit, share your own trip report or have any questions? Contact me!

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About Me

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